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Which scoop should I buy?  

This is a good question that you need to ask your self some questions first before deciding.

First you have to decide where are you going to use it?   Some scoops are made for the sand and loose dirt and some are for use in the water. Most of the sand scoops are not as durable and cannot be kicked or pushed with your foot at the back.  The screen at the back is for faster sand searching while the holes in the water scoops use the water to push the sand through the smaller holes. The combination scoops are the most durable and the most expensive but are built for a lifetime.

Stainless steel. aluminum or other materials?  Stainless is the most durable but the heaviest and most expensive.  Aluminum is fairly soft and wears faster but it is lighter and medium priced.  Some scoops are even made from plastic and are the cheapest.

Do I mind bending over to scoop?  Some scoops have short handles and some have long handles to scoop without bending over.  Some even have different handles or combination handles for bending or standing.

Click the links below to view the 3 different types.